Serf City, Here We Come…

“What’s the union doing about this, apart from nothing?” “When are we going to do something?” These are among the most common comments the AUWU receives on its FB page.

The answer to both is; Now!

But we need your help.

By ‘doing something’, most people envision swelling crowds to fill the streets and express their anger and frustration at this abhorrent system. Fair enough. Marches usually get MSM coverage for better or worse.

Bearing in mind that this morning’s news is this afternoon’s electronic fish wrapping, marches offer an affirmation that you’re not alone and there are many more like you who also agree with your point of view. In the long run however, other strategies are needed to strengthen the cause.

The AUWU had now taken the first steps in developing those strategies by setting up our advice line. (03) 8394-5266.

If you have problems with Centrelink or your Jobactive provider, you can call us. We don’t have the staff to be available 24/7, but we’re working it.

So, if you get a recorded message – leave yours!

We will call you back!

In addition, we’ve also produced a pamphlet which outlines your rights when dealing with both Centrelink and Jobactive.

Which is where you come in.

We need people to spend two hours once a week outside of Jobactive providers handing out pamphlets.

We need them nation wide. From Katoomba to Kalgoolie, From Marble Bar to Malvern.


Job Network picD

Illustration by Simon Kneebone

It’s safe to say that nearly everyone who visits the AUWU’s FB page, wants to know how to fight back against this parasitic, socio-pathic entity known as Jobactive.

The ‘Your Rights’ pamphlet is the first blow against the system. It lets you know what steps you can take not to be bullied into signing detrimental agreements, but the strength of the blow is softened if we can’t get the message out.

We realize that you don’t have a lot of resources to draw on, money being least of all. Which is why we can send you the pamphlets snail-mail so you don’t have to spend money on printing costs. Naturally, we can forward a Jpeg if you prefer to print it yourself.

All we need is a postal or e-mail address and a couple of hours of your time per week.

All you need is the determination to fight back against the system.

We, the unemployed are 1.8 million strong and these figures do not include the fall out from the car manufacturing and associated industries.

Yet, while we remain silent, we remain weak and almost powerless. Abused, demonized, forced to work for nothing in order to receive a pittance, now threatened with a ‘welfare card’ instead of payment, and mandatory drug testing mooted to be included in the near future.

The prisoners without bars. Serf city here we come.

Find your voice.

Spread the word.

Stand Up!

Fight Back!

Contact us via the AUWU web-site or Facebook page.















    1. You’re behind the curve Lawrence. The name was changed to Australian Unemployed WORKERS Union last week – they just haven’t made the announcement or changed the logo yet. (typical bloody dole bludgers 🙂 🙂 🙂


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