Canberra:  The ALP announced late this afternoon that it had replaced Bill Shorten with Marcel Marceau as the new leader of the Opposition.

While the move has sent shock waves through the Labor rank and file, many privately admitted that they’d been expecting something like this for several weeks.

An insider who did not want to be named told The Post; ‘Bill’s been so quiet for the last couple of weeks and he’s costing the taxpayer a fair bit, so we decided to let him go and get a professional clown famous for not uttering a word and yet still recognizable to the public.’

When The Post asked how this could be done in light of the fact that Marceau has been dead for seven years, we were told that the ALP were still working on the problem but Caucus felt confident that they could overcome it in the short term by running a few vids of Marceau during question time, especially the ever popular ‘walking in the wind’ sequence.

‘Most of the government front bench won’t be able to spot the difference between Bill and Marcel, and frankly we couldn’t either’ said the spokesperson while denying there were moves to replace Tanya Plibersek with the woman from the Easi’yo commercial.



  1. Wow – yes, WTF is he doing? Is this supposed to be the “kinder, gentler” politics? That would be great, but when your opponents are a bullies, different tactics are needed.


    1. Indeed they are drmarfi. As for Shorten, I heard his reply to the question “Do you think Tony Abbott should demand Morrison’s resignation over the Manus Island affair”
      Shorten refused to commit himself (not once but several times in answer to the same question) “I think that’s a matter for Tony Abbott” Jesus wept! Talk about spineless! No wonder the Coalition are running roughshod over all and anything. Time the ALP either muscle up and start behaving like an opposition because if they don’t, then they’re destined for the rubbish bin of history.


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