Tony, No-dough Joe, & Mathias share a light-hearted

moment after reading the National Commission of Audit.

We’re all too familiar with the well worn movie – TV cliche.

Our hero/heroine who has been cleverly framed by the bad guy is dragged in for questioning.

The bad cop snarls insults at them and then proceeds to get rough.

Enter the good cop, who tells our hero that they’d like to help them but without some cooperation, they’ll have to let the bad cop have his way, and then its off to the chokey where they won’t see the light of day again until they’re old and grey and have an arsehole stretched wider than the elastic band in Clive Palmer’s Jockey shorts.

Suddenly (usually in the last reel),Β  the good cop realizes that the bad cop is also the bad guy – oh my God! – and races to save our hero/heroine from a fate worse than death.

In the light of the recommendations revealed in yesterday’s Commission of Audit report, one cannot help but feel that the Australian electorate is being set up for the same B-grade movie scenario.

The draconian recommendations of the report that in effect urge the dismantling of every social safety net from education, minimum wage, health and aged care etc… is the bad guy.

But wait! Here comes the good guys in the form of Abbott and Hockey who gallop to the rescue astride their trusty steeds.

With much rhetoric flashing and teeth gnashing, they’ll assure us that they’ll only be implementing only a few recommendations contained in the report and most of those won’t come into effect until 2016 or later, with the addendum that “we need to get the Budget back in surplus but we’re mindful of working families.”


Phewww… that was close! Wotta thriller!

It’s a political ploy that stretches back to Machiavelli’s treatise on statecraft.

Scare the Bejezzus out of ’em and then offer solace in the form of the changes that you had planned to incur in the first place.

The plot’s so thin that even the MSM can see through it.

In the follow-up media interviews, Hockey trotted out the usual bromides about spiraling debt, the profligate spending of the previous government, getting the Budget back in surplus, nailed down with the mantra of ‘we’ve all got to do the heavy lifting!’

Not surprisingly, when asked where the $12.5 billion to buy new strike-fighters would come from; No-dough avoided answering and waffled about linking military expenditure to GDP (the amount of goods and services produced by the working population).

Hey, No-dough! Here’s the news! You can have both guns and butter but in order to have the former you first need to create the latter through aggregate demand. This means that instead of cutting the Budget – you need to spend in order to stimulate the economy and thereby create even greater demand for goods and services.

Yes, butter may make us fat but you can’t eat guns and when people get hungry enough, they’ll eat anything – including you!












  1. I suspect you’re right about this whole audit thing being just a 2nd rate pantomine, Edward.

    I can recall Punch and Judy shows that had more complex plots (and more credible characters).

    Let’s not forget however that it was cobbled together at the request of this government by hand-picked hard-core LNP ideologues and whilst ‘normal folk’ might think it’s a bit ‘over the top’, it’s a window into the dark soul of neo-liberal thinking.

    Hockey may put aside its more extreme prescriptions but I read it as “Australia, you watch your arse”.

    It represents a ‘peg in the ground’, a datum point, against which the future policies of this government will be calibrated.

    But the really amazing thing is that its 900 pages would be blank, or invisible like the Emperor’s New Suit, if some small boy would just cry out from the crowd “but the unsustainable deficit story is a myth”.


    1. Punch and Judy eh? You’re right about more credible plots and characters.

      You’re also right on the money (no pun intended) with your analogy about the Emperor’s New Clothes.
      With a lot of media focus on Picketty’s book, I think it may be a case of ‘unsustainable deficit’ becoming ‘unsustainable myth’ in the very near future. Which is as it should be!
      Thanks for the comment, always appreciated. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰


    1. All too true Peter. it’s interesting to see that even the MSM is starting to distance itself from this utter bullshit. With any luck, the ALP and Greens will present a united front and we can get rid of these bastards without them inflicting too much further damage.
      Comments to a blogger are like coins to a busker – thanks for your contribution – always appreciated. πŸ™‚


    1. They’re already at it Hotspringer, repeating the usual bullshit mantra’s of ‘black holes’ ( that’s the space between Abbott’s ears) etc… despite all evidence to the contrary. But let’s face it, who needs facts when you’ve got ideology.
      For more on this, see; ‘Whenever I hear the words “we’ve got to get the budget back into surplus” – I reach for by Bullshit repellent’ on this site page.
      Thanks for the comment, always appreciated. πŸ™‚


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